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Making conversations clearer

Hearing loops, FM systems and infrared technology

If you use hearing aids, you may be able to use the following technology to help make speech and conversations clearer.

Hearing loops

If you use hearing aids, a hearing loop can help you pick up speech sounds more clearly, especially if you are further away. It focuses your hearing aid to pick up sound from the loop system microphone, rather than all noises in the area. This helps to cut out background noise. 

To use a hearing loop, you need to have your hearing aid switched on to the hearing loop setting. Your audiologist may need to do this for you. Find out more about how to use your hearing aids here.

Hearing loops are available: 

FM systems

An FM system is another system used to help people hear speech more clearly. It uses radio waves to transmit sounds from a transmitter to several people at the same time. It’s normally used in schools, group tours, conferences and lectures.

Several manufacturers make FM systems, but they can be used with any hearing aid. You need to use a compatible receiver that is usually attached to the bottom of your hearing aids. Your audiologist may need to link your hearing aids to it. They can also advise which receiver is required.

Infrared technology

Infrared technology is similar to an FM system. It is sometimes used in theatres or lecture halls. It transmits sound from to several people at the same time. You will need: