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Making conversations clearer

Devices to make conversations clearer

There are also assistive devices available that you can use to help make speech and conversation more clear.

Assistive listening devices

These are small, portable devices that pick up speech and make it louder. It can be useful if you are in a noisy place or find it hard to hear someone at a distance. Most listening devices also have tone settings that can help make ‘S’, ‘T’ and ‘F’ speech sounds clearer.

Prices for these assistive listening devices are between £80 to £600 for more advanced models that can pick up sound over a greater distance.

If you use hearing aids, you can connect listeners directly to them using other devices. They include:

  • A neck loop, a cable that you wear around your neck.
  • Ear hooks, a small device attached to a cable that hooks over the ear next to the hearing aid. 
  • Bluetooth streamers. If the device has Bluetooth, it can channel the audio straight into your hearing aids. 

You need to have your hearing aid switched on to the hearing loop setting for this to work. Your audiologist may need to do this for you.

Prices for these assistive devices range from £15 to £50 for more advanced types. You can find these at our new online shop, in partnership with Connevans, one of the leading suppliers of assistive technology.

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You may also be able to get help paying for technology.

Speech to text apps software

Speech to text software allows you to read a transcription of everything that is said in a conversation. It can be helpful for group meetings or work situations. It is now widely available in apps for smartphones and tablets.

There are free and paid apps available for Apple, Android and other smartphone models. Paid apps can cost up to £300. You can buy and download these from your smartphone app store.