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Types of doorbells and accessories

If you are finding it difficult to hear your doorbell, these devices may be suitable for you:

  • Extension bell or ringer. You can add an extension bell or ringer to your existing doorbell to make it louder. You can also add a flashing light to alert you. This may need to be installed by an electrician.
  • Wireless door chime. This is a type of doorbell that has a separate unit that will ring, flash or vibrate when someone pushes the doorbell outside. You can place this unit anywhere in your house.
  • Wi-Fi doorbell. This is a type of doorbell that tells you someone is at the door by sending a notification to your mobile. You control it through an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Multi-altering system. This combines all your alerts – e.g. your doorbell and home phone – to notify one or more receiver devices. When you get an alert, the portable receiver lets you know by vibrating, flashing a light or a loud sound.