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Responsive services

We are committed to delivering person-centred care and support to everyone who uses our services. This means working alongside the person to help them to decide what support they want, when they want it, and what they want to change and achieve, so that the support we provide responds to these needs.

Using person-centred tools

We use a number of person-centred thinking tools to help us learn more about the people we support and the things that are important to them. These tools are live documents and, as such, are constantly updated as people’s life choices and preferences change.

Making it real

We’re involved in Making it Real – part of the ‘Think Local, Act Personal’ sector-wide partnership for transforming adult social care. Making it Real is a set of personalised principles that focus on what matters to people.

It is built around six themes, each of which has an I statement that describes what ‘good’ looks like from an individual perspective, followed by We statements that express what organisations will do to make sure people’s actual experience of care and support lives up to the I statements.

Making it Real supports co-production between people, commissioners and providers and we are committed to achieving and maintaining the kitemark across all of our services.

Involving people

Our Involving People Group is made up of members of staff from services across the country. The aim of the group is to provide accessible information and policies, share information, raise staff awareness about involvement and resources, capture feedback from people we support, involve people who use our services with organisational changes, deliver two opportunities per year for the people we support to get together (Meet and Eat events), evidence our work and capture how it makes a difference to the people we support.

Involvement standards

Our Involvement Standards were co-produced by the people we support and staff from our Involving People Group. They set out our promise to the people we support – and their loves ones – on what we will deliver and how we will feedback.

They are made up of 16 ‘I can expect’ standards, under four key themed areas; Communication, Choice, Decision and Learn. The 360-degree feedback and review process is designed to support people to feed information up to the Director and then for information on outcomes and decisions to be fed back to them.

Helping people to move on – if they want to

Some people may only need our services for a short time, and so we support people to gain the skills that they need to live more independently. We then help people to move on to other services, including planning where and how they want to live, and making choices about their lifestyle.

Constantly evolving services

We continually ask for feedback on our services from the people we support, their families and other professionals, as we want to evolve and develop our services so that they continue to meet the needs of the people we support right now and in the future.