Coronavirus (COVID-19): information and support

Effective services

We care about making a difference in people’s lives. We do this by putting the people we support at the heart of everything we do, to achieve good outcomes and promote a good quality of life.

Person-centred support plans

A detailed, person-centred support plan (that is reviewed and updated regularly), is key to how we deliver a service that varies with the changing needs of the individual. We work with people to help them to develop their own plans and encourage them to include other people who are important to them – such as family, friends and advocates as well as other professionals involved in their wellbeing. This includes discussing what is not working, future goals and ongoing successes, as well as decision-making around religious, cultural, environmental and lifestyle choices.


We care about making a difference in people’s lives and in outcomes – these are the real changes that people experience in their lives as a result of the support they receive. To make outcomes easier to measure, we’ve split them into areas such as choice and control, feeling good, independence, health, safety and respect, money, activities and involvement, and relationships. We’ve developed a tool to measure outcomes that helps us to understand more about what the people we support want – and how we can best deliver that. This shows how people’s lives are improved, provides valuable information to help us review and improve our services, helps us to plan how we use resources to deliver a quality service with real impact, and demonstrates value for money.

Matching staff

We use a matching tool to allocate staff and volunteers with similar needs and interests to the person they will be supporting. We also give the people we support opportunities to get involved in the recruitment of new staff.

Freedom and privacy

When the people we support meet with their family and friends as part of their wider social life, we always respect their right to freedom and privacy. This extends to the choices that they make about the décor in their own homes and consultation on planned improvements to the buildings they live in.

Promoting independence

One of the ways in which we support people is to encourage them to follow their interests and hobbies, both inside and outside of the organisation. It’s important for the people we support to be part of the wider local community, so we help them to get involved in social activities, training and employment and to live an independent life as much as possible. At the same time, the safety of the people we support is our utmost priority, so we link the support we offer to the risk of any activity. Life doesn’t always run smoothly so, when required, we ensure we have a robust plan in place for times of crisis, ill health or a sudden change in circumstances.


We give all people we support the opportunity to choose how they would like us to communicate with them and in what format they would like us to provide information. Staff are skilled in using different forms of communication including British Sign Language (BSL), Irish Sign Language (ISL), Sign Supported English (SSE), Deafblind manual, pictorial and objects of reference.