Coronavirus (COVID-19): information and support

Caring services

We are passionate about delivering high quality caring services that meet the needs of the people we support. Our staff always deliver services with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.

Communicating with people in the way in which they choose

Communication needs are unique to each person and we capture how the people we support want to receive information and ensure a consistent and tailored approach. Staff members, once matched to the person we support, then spend time with them to understand their history, day to day preferences and share one page profiles to build trust and understanding.

Maintaining links with important people and developing new friendships

We support people to maintain links with the people who are important to them, such as family and friends. But we also encourage the people we support to develop new friendships. Opportunities like ‘meet and eat’ give people the chance to meet with other people who use our services and be involved in shaping future services.

Finding out what is important to people – and acting on it

Through our annual survey, complaints process and 1-1s, we support people to give honest and meaningful feedback about the services that they receive and any changes they would like to see. We use this information to improve and plan our services and feedback to the person when changes have taken place as a result of their comments.

End of life care

For people approaching the end of their life, we carry out extensive planning in order to be able to carry out their wishes until their death. The aim is for people to live as well as possible and take into account the preferences and choices of the person receiving care.