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Access for All in Retail – Sign our open letter

Sign our open letter asking the UK’s leading retailers to make their stores accessible for people who are deaf or have hearing loss – during the Covid pandemic and beyond.

The problem

For too long, retail spaces have been inaccessible for people with hearing loss. Whether down to background music or a lack of hearing loops or no deaf awareness training for staff. Breaking down these barriers is long overdue. The pandemic has only added to these barriers, with face covers, physical partitions and social distancing creating a more difficult experience.

What we want to change

We want retailers to take action and make their stores accessible for the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or have hearing loss. We will be sending an open letter to some of the biggest retailers, urging them to take our four simple steps to become more accessible spaces for people living with hearing loss and deafness. These are:

  1. To minimise the barriers created by face covers
  2. To reduce background noise, including piped music
  3. To use hearing loops
  4. To provide staff with deaf awareness training

We want to support retailers to make these changes. Our Louder than Words training and services can help businesses become more accessible.

Download and read our open letter

Get involved

Sign our open letter, so together, we can show retailers just how important these measures are. Please specify which retailers you’d like us to target and describe any negative experiences you have had.

Sign our open letter