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What to do if you’re waiting for hearing aids to be fitted during the coronavirus outbreak

If you’re waiting to have your hearing aids fitted, you should contact your hearing aid provider.

Most face-to-face audiology services have been put on hold during the coronavirus outbreak. This means it’s likely there’ll be a delay in you getting your hearing aids.

Your hearing aid provider should be able to give you an update on when you might get your hearing aids fitted.

While you wait for hearing aids

If you are waiting for your hearing aids to be fitted, you could try other equipment to help you hear better.

Assistive listening devices are portable amplifiers that you can use to hear sounds more clearly. They are good for listening over background noise or from a distance.

You could also try learning some communication tactics with the people in your household. These include learning to lipread, asking people to get your attention before they start talking to you and asking people to speak slower if you need them to.

Why you need to wait to have your hearing aids fitted

Hearing aids need to be fitted and tuned by a qualified audiologist or hearing healthcare professional.

Your audiologist will make sure your hearing aids fit comfortably and are working at the right sound level. This means they can’t be posted out to you to start wearing.

Some providers have made arrangements for some people to have hearing aids sent to them. Your provider should contact you if they can do this for you.