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The first “Healthable” hearing aid

Livio AI by Starkey is the world’s first “Healthable” using AI and sensors to track physical activity and cognitive health. The hearing aid has shown to significantly improve the wearer’s ability to hear speech in noise and track your steps, heart rate and mental fitness by informing the user of the benefits of wearing the hearing aid over time.

Livio AI Sound Quality

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the Livio hearing aid is better able to detect multiple environmental sounds and reduce these at each frequency range to improve the clarity of speech. The AI function allows the hearing aid to better detect different types of sounds and environments such as speech, speech in different noises, machine noise and wind while the machine learning component allows the hearing aid to improve the hearing aids ability to hear speech clearer over time quicker and more easily.

This is done by a process referred to as Binaural Noise Management which is where both hearing aids simultaneously so that the best speech signal can be played into both hearing aids regardless of where the speech and noise is coming from. For example, if you’re in the passenger seat of the car talking to the driver, the strongest speech is coming from your right side while the noise is coming from all round. The hearing aid would be able to analyse the noise from all directions and reduce this so that the speech signal is strongest. This results in the Livio hearing aid reducing non-static noise by 50%.

The Transient Noise Reduction system gives Livio AI the ability to reduce and even eliminate sounds that cause annoyance. This can be things like sudden loud sounds which can affect a wearer’s ability to persevere with hearing aids and gain the benefits of speech amplification in noise. The Transient Noise Reduction also helps Livio AI amplify quiet sounds while ensuring loud sounds are not amplified above a comfortable level.

The Livio AI hearing aid is also able to change directionality of its microphones in each individual channel. Usually, a hearing aid’s microphone direction changes for all sounds equally. The Livio AI however can do this for smaller ranges of frequencies known as channels. This would mean that if the speech sound you wanted to hear is coming from one direction, the microphones will change to directional mode in the speech frequencies only so that the hearing aid can continue to monitor the noise in other frequencies in omni-directional mode simultaneously and reduce it.

Fitness tracking

While most fitness tracking devices are on the wrist, the position of a hearing aid provides a much more accurate way of tracking movement. The Livio AI hearing aid can capture health data such as steps and heart rate more accurately and this is what makes it a “Healthable”.
The Livio AI also has a fall detector which can alert pre-selected contacts if they detect the user has had a fall. This can be set to automatically contact someone when a fall occurs or the hearing aid wearer can choose to manually contact someone if they experience a fall.

Rechargeable capabilities

The Livio AI hearing aid comes with a portable charger that can fully charge two Livio AI hearing aids 3 times. The hearing aids also turn on automatically when taken off charge to avoid fiddly on/off switches. The Mini Turbo Charger is a pocket sized charger that gives the Livio AI hearing aid 3.5 hours of use after just 7 minutes of charging.

Thrive app

The Thrive app that works with the Livio AI hearing aid has the ability to connect directly to your audiologist so that if you need any adjustments, these can be done remotely by your audiologist and the settings update sent to you to update your hearing aid yourself at a convenient time for you. There is also a basic diagnostic function the user can perform themselves to see if their hearing aid is working as it should be.

Through the app, users can also make small adjustments to the sound of their hearing aid themselves, locate lost hearing aids, stream phone calls automatically to hearing aids, view their fitness scores and have access to a personal assistant that allows users to ask questions about their hearing aids and accessories. Once the feature is activated, you can double tap on your hearing aid to activate the Thrive Assistant function.

The app also has a language translation function which can translate 27 languages and provide closed captions for live conversations. The transcriptions can then be saved, sent as a message or email to others.


The Livio AI hearing aid is the first to connect to Amazon’s Alexa. This allows users to connect smart home devices to their hearing aid that are on the Amazon Alexa platform. For example, a doorbell with Alexa capabilities can be set to send notification to your hearing aid and if you have an Amazon device like an Echo speaker, you can set the audio to be heard into your hearing aid directly.

The Livio AI hearing aid has universal Bluetooth connection. This allows it to connect to any smartphone and tablet. The Livio AI hearing aid can also be connected to a range of Starkey accessories to help improve listening in more challenging situations. This includes a TV streamer, a remote and a remote microphone.

Starkey will be introducing their Livio AI hearing aid later this year in the UK private hearing aid market as part of their Livio hearing aid range. The Livio range includes the Livio AI Healthable and 5 models of the Livio hearing aid from premium to basic. Features available in each model will vary.

For more information visit the Starkey website.

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