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Nightclubs and tinnitus – Jacob’s story

Jacob wearing a suit and smiling

Jacob was used to his ears ringing after a night out, but after one particular night the ringing didn’t stop. He has now learnt to live with tinnitus, but encourages young people to use earplugs to protect their hearing.

“During Summer 2017 I was on holiday in Ibiza. One night we went to a large nightclub where I was dancing for several hours and enjoying the music. There was a point during the set of one of my favorite DJs where the music was so loud it was physically painful for me to be in the club. I left and waited outside for my friends. I was used to having tinnitus after nights out but it was always gone by the morning!

That night, however, the ringing in my ears before I went to bed was at a louder than usual volume. The next morning when I woke up, it was still there. It wasn’t as significant as the night before but it was enough to cause me discomfort.

For the first few weeks the tinnitus significantly impacted my life – any moment where noise distraction was not available, like studying, going to sleep or being in a quiet place – was stressful as I was plagued by the constant ring. At its worst I could hear the noise over the television. The ringing made me feel anxious, upset and fearful that things would not get better. Loud noises such as an ambulance were stressful, which was particularly difficult as I was studying in a city.

Over time and after considerable research, I learned to continue living my life as I did before. Thankfully, the tinnitus now has very little impact on my life and only affects me when I am in a quiet room on my own. The tinnitus is more audible when I am stressed and anxious about it, which turns into a vicious cycle!

My advice to others, especially if you suffer from episodes of tinnitus after nights out, would be to purchase some inexpensive ear plugs and use them! If you are conscious about how you look, you can buy discreet ones which no one else knows are in. I had always noticed that the bar staff at these clubs always wore ear plugs as protection. Reflecting on this it seems odd that the staff are required to wear ear plugs but there is no health and safety for the party goers!A message of hope for those suffering at present, the symptoms I believe are very connected to your brain, mental health and stress levels. Learning to have peace about the condition and staying relaxed are key to reducing the symptoms.”

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