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Sylvia’s story

Sylvia smiling in front of a bookcase

Learning to lipread has helped Sylvia feel more confident. Read about her experiences.

My lipreading class is fun and extremely well‑planned. It has given me the confidence to manage day-to-day communication problems.

We learn about all aspects of lipreading, including vowel and consonant sounds and how they are formed through lip shapes. We also share our experiences and offer each other support. It’s uplifting to laugh amongst people who can empathise with some of the day to day problems faced with hearing loss.

We’re given information about organisations, such as Action on Hearing Loss, and equipment that can help. We’re also given advice on how to minimise the impact of hearing loss in many everyday situations.

Attending the lipreading class has helped me face my situation more positively. It is both a form of therapy and a tool to improve communication. It demands commitment and time, as is the case with any new skill, but it’s so rewarding.

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