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Richard Turner’s story

Richard lost his hearing due to a rare illness but, thanks to subtitled film screenings and captioned theatre performances, he’s still an avid supporter of the arts. Read his story.

I’ve always enjoyed the arts and would really miss out if subtitled film screenings and captioned theatre performances weren’t available. I lost my hearing five years ago due to a rare illness, and while my cochlear implant is fantastic, I sometimes struggle to follow everything that’s said in films and shows.

I watch around one subtitled film a week at the cinema and the experience is usually very good. I also see a lot of plays and musicals at the theatre that are captioned by the charity Stagetext – they’re brilliant! The charity also provides live speech-to-text reporting of museum and art gallery talks across the UK. Don’t let hearing loss hold you back from enjoying the arts – see what’s on near you.

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