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Jenny’s story

Jenny smiling on her arm chair

Jenny’s hearing loss stopped her from enjoying socialising with her family and friends until she tried – and persevered – with hearing aids. Read her story here.

It took me a few months to adjust to my hearing aids – having something in my ears and hearing every little noise. But once I got used to this, my hearing aids became part of me.

I started to meet friends again instead of thinking there was no point because I wouldn’t hear. I could join in with conversation and laughter around the table with my grandchildren, rather than retreating to the kitchen and leaving them to it with my husband.

I was able to enjoy everyday life again. I’ve now used hearing aids for 19 years. I still have some hearing difficulties, such as understanding accents on the phone, but when I take my hearing aids out, I notice how quiet everything is. What a difference they make.

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